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Cutting Hair Makes It Grow Faster and/or Thicker

False. Shorter hair often looks and feels thicker but cutting your hair won’t alter its normal biologically determined growth rate or overall texture.Thin, limp or fine hair will not ever grow thicker in response to a haircut. Plump up your hair by using volume enhancing hair care products, experimenting with a hair fattening blunt cut or getting a texturizing perm or color treatment. void dull blades, which can actually make splits worse.

Hair Grows Faster On Different Parts Of The Head

True. There is some scientific evidence that the growth rate of hair may vary on different parts of the head for select people. There is also some indication that the growth rate of hair on babies may be faster on the crown than on any other parts of the scalp. Usually the growth rate differences are very marginal and will not impact the hair appearance in any way.

Coloring Hair During Pregnancy Is Harmful 

False. Although some physicians disagree, most believe that coloring the hair during pregnancy will not be dangerous to the baby. When in doubt always get your physician’s permission to color your hair during pregnancy. Most experts believe that the key danger with hair coloring is not the application of the product to the scalp but the inhalation of the strong chemical odor.

Virgin Root Hair Should Be Treated Different

True. The hair that is closest to the roots will react differently to the application of new hair color and chemical treatments. Hair color applied directly to the roots will process differently that color applied on hair that has already been treated.

Washing Hair Every Day Dries It Out
 False. The right shampoo for your hair type and texture will actually add moisture, body and beauty to your hair. The key is to finding the correct shampoo designed for your hair.
Also, it's possible to cleanse hair with water only (WO), diluted shampoo (DS) or conditioner only (CO). When deciding whether to wash your hair every day or not consult with your hair professional and take into consideration your hair type.

Rinse Out Conditioners Does Not Provide Benefits Because It Is Rinsed Out
False. Rinse out conditioners applied to your hair right after washing will leave a deposit of moisturizing proteins and other ingredients on the hair shaft providing hair that feels softer, shinier or better conditioned.

Wearing Tight Braids, Ponytails Or Buns Causes Baldness 

True. Traction alopecia is a very real hair loss condition that may result from wearing tight ponytails, cornrows or buns over an extended period of time.
Over time, hair breakage or loss as the result of tight, stressed styles, can become permanent. Avoid this potential problem by opting for looser styles that minimize scalp tension.

Sleeping With A Wet Head Causes Scalp Fungus

 False. Scalp or fungal diseases can’t be caught from sleeping with wet scalps. Scalp fungus or infections requires prior involvement with infected sources such as humans, tainted hair care tools or animals. As an example, ringworm can be spread by infected animals.

Hair Should Be Washed Every Day

False. There is no correct schedule for washing hair. Every person should shampoo according to the specific needs of their hair type and texture. While some people do benefit from a daily shampoo, others benefit from a variety of shampooing schedules.

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